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Nadja Seidl
Photographer. Creator


Hi! I'm Nadja, that's pronounced Nah-dee-ah. I was born and raised in Germany, moved to Florida with my family a bit over 10 years ago. I've ridden horses my entire life, which is coincidentally where my love for photography began! My friends and I always wanted pictures of us with our horses, so I was made the designated photographer within the group. As I learned more about photography, (and upgraded from my little point and shoot camera), I began dabbling in different types of photography. I absolutely fell in love with wedding photography after attending my first styled shoot, and decided that this is what I HAD to do! Now, I'm super passionate about capturing all of those in between candid and real moments on your wedding day. I believe in documenting your day in a way that is unique and true to you and your love. Outside of photography, I love spending time with my dog, Nellie, and my fiance Alex! The three of us like to spend as much time outside as we can.

I can't wait to meet you and be a part of your day!

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